Digital Art: The Next Frontier

African Digital Art

Venice has recently fallen in love with digital and augmented art. This city derives its fame from having a reputation of producing the best artists and being the pioneers of contemporary art. Other than traditional mediums, digital art utilizes the use of digital technologies and tools as the principal medium for design. Better known as “art of the contemporary,” digital art has taken the modern world by storm. Currently, there are innumerable powerful applications that enable the creation of intricate and visually astounding art, which captures the mind and soul of the viewer. In Kenya, this trend has taken root at an extremely prompt rate. At this time, contemporary African art is tending towards digital art. More artists are moving from the traditional aspects to digital ways in order to reach a wider audience; subsequently, this promotes their ideas and facilitates a dynamic expression of the artist’s feelings

Digital art is one of the cornerstones at ART SPOT. We take digital art seriously and as such provide the best and highest quality collection. African art and especially Kenyan art is known to be bold, eccentric, sometimes abstract, suave and much more. This dynamic nature coupled with the capabilities of digital tools makes Kenyan art incredible and basically amazing. Artists such as Moses Obuya have captured the digital art space in Kenya. One can buy his astounding digital African art here. Furthermore, digital painting is a technique that employs the use of computer tools to create art that staggers the imagination. African paintings have a long reputation of being great and this status is exemplified through digital paintings. In addition, through art a person’s character and aura is easily discernible, therefore, be bold enough to buy African art online from this site. The Kenyan art here is exceptionally impressive and since digital art is the new trend, it is successively imperative to have one.

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