Art Spot: Revolutionizing Art Buying in Kenya and Beyond

Introduction: The world of art has undergone a transformative shift in recent years, thanks to the advent of online platforms that connect artists and art enthusiasts from around the globe. In Kenya, Art Spot has emerged as a prominent online art gallery, providing an innovative and convenient way for people to buy contemporary art. This […]

Discovering the Vibrant World of Contemporary Art in Kenya

Contemporary art in Kenya is a reflection of the country’s vibrant and diverse culture. It is a melting pot of different artistic styles, influenced by the country’s history, traditions, and contemporary issues. From painting to sculpture, performance art to photography, Kenyan contemporary art is thriving, and the world is taking notice. One of the defining […]

The Power of Sculptures

Better than anyone else, Giorgio Vasari, a famous Italian painter and historian introduces in just a few words, the ultimate masterpiece ever created by man. This famously appraised sculpture stands in perfection in Florence and is unarguably the most famous in Italy and perhaps the whole world. Michelangelo’s David has repeatedly proven itself as the most […]

Digital Art: The Next Frontier

African Digital Art

Venice has recently fallen in love with digital and augmented art. This city derives its fame from having a reputation of producing the best artists and being the pioneers of contemporary art. Other than traditional mediums, digital art utilizes the use of digital technologies and tools as the principal medium for design. Better known as […]


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